wtorek, 27 czerwiec 2017 15:56

Once Erasmus+, always Erasmus+

Our school , students and teachers have benefited a lot by taking part in the European project funded by European Comission. Teachers have gained knowledge, experience, new skills which is being currently used at the educational process. Students have broaden horizons and raised intercultural awareness. They have become tolerant of different cultures, improved their native language and English skills. Moreover, they developed their creativity and innovation, team work and social skills. They have become engaged in every activity as they have noticed how Erasmus+ can chanage their life and the school life for better. Having noticed all the benefits, our school has applied for the new Erasmus+ project. Now we are waiting for the results. Keep your fingers crossed!



The short-term exchange of groups of pupils was held in Portugal from 15th May to 21st May 2016 in order to record the project song. During the mobility students have had an opportunity to work with European peers. They attended workshops "Portuguese rooster and making  some craft work with cork". Students took part in the workshops in Pavilhão do Conhecimento . They haveexperienced learning by doing. During the mobility students attended the Englisg Games and Songs Workshops. They have developed their English skills by taking active part in all activities.


niedziela, 24 styczeń 2016 16:31

Students' mobility in Sweden 2015

Students' mobility in Sweden was held from 13th December to 19th December 2015. Students took part in workshops about games, drama pedagogy, music, photography and social training. The students have acquired knowledge and experience about Lucia and Christmas traditions in handcraft and music. What's more, all students gained knowledge how to build wind turbins with Lego and how to programme with Blue-Bot and Lego robots.

niedziela, 24 styczeń 2016 16:24

Erasmus+ Day

Erasmus+ Day was held on 10th of December in order to disseminate the results of our project.